Monday, January 13, 2020

Ep 3 - What is my Online Animation Workshop?

It is the year 2020 and time to update my overview of the Spungella Animation Workshop.

So, what is my workshop?

It's an animation workshop where you can submit your work for 16 submissions.

You can sign up at any time - today, tomorrow, whenever you want.

You can start whenever you want - you can start right after the sign up or whenever it works for you.

You can submit whenever you want: - once a week, twice a week, once every few weeks, take a break, etc. - the schedule is flexible and tailored towards your needs

Submissions cover beginner to advanced animation levels, it doesn't matter if you're starting with a bouncing ball, or if you're working on a pantomime shot, lip sync, creature work, single shots, sequences, demo reel evaluation, etc.
If you're new I can also create a suggested exercise list for you.

I can review one shot of yours over the course of 16 submissions, or each submission is a new shot, a mix of that, etc. totally up to you.

Reviews are video critiques.You can check out the playlist of my critiques on my Youtube channel:
Animation Workshop Playlist

The uploads also serve as archives, not just new signups, meaning some clips are old and no full run through of the clip is available.

You don't have to have your critique online, a lot of the workshoppers keep things private. You can have it online and I will put "anonymous" in the title instead of your name, or have it private until you're done and then release the critiques online - it's all optional to you.

All of this costs $500 via Paypal.

More questions? Check out the FAQ link, post a comment, email me (, etc.

So, recap!

- Sign up at any time
- Start whenever you want
- Flexible schedule for submissions
- 16 submissions
- Beginner to advanced animators
- $500 paid via Paypal

You can also watch the video version of the overview on my Youtube channel:
What is my Online Animation Workshop? - 2020 Update

Thanks for listening!


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