Sunday, February 16, 2020

Ep 4 - Why I did NOT quit the Animation Industry

The animation industry can be tough. It's important for you to research this field and listen to artists like Janet Chan who've had negative experiences. They're valid and they're important.

At no point am I saying she is wrong for saying what she's saying; I thought I was clear about that in my clip but the comments and reactions since my Youtube clip has been uploaded are interesting to say the least, so let me state it again: she is not wrong and her opinions are valid, my experience is on the other side of the spectrum from staying at one company for a long time, separate from her experience with my own set of context (how did I get there, how did I manage to stay there for so long, the help I got along the way in form of connections, privilege, etc.).

So here are my subjective thoughts regarding her post and why I did NOT quit this industry:

Here's the Cartoon Brew article:
Cartoon Brew

Direct Link to Janet Chan's clip: WHY I QUIT MY JOB AT DISNEY (Storyboard Artist)

Here's what I tell my students during their first class: For New Animators: DON’T DO IT!

Here's the clip you just heard but in video form:
Why I did NOT quit the Animation Industry

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